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Star NC Assist

The STAR NC ASSIST software is a template driven text editor tailored to suit Star machines. The software can run on all the latest Windows platforms and provides users with a simple conversational interface that allows CNC programs to be generated quickly and easily with the minimum of inputs.

The CNC code is generated automatically by clicking on the desired "template", users simply enter the co-ordinates, speeds and feeds etc where necessary and the software compiles the code into an easy to understand format to suit the selected machine.

Programmes can be checked using the "background plot" function, this simulates the tool path generated from the CNC code and ensures the programmed tool paths are correct to drawing. The software also provides a "multi-channel" display screen that can be used to display the programs in "synchronized" mode.

NC Assist Benefits

  • Handling of large CNC programs
  • CNC code specific functions
  • File type specific configurations
  • Math functions
  • Balloon assist feature
  • Side-by-side file comparison feature
  • Customisable macros
  • Backplot function
  • Copy/paste between windows
  • Code assist with NC-Assistant
  • Macro support for complex cycles
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Tool list generation
  • Wait code sync display
  • Multi-use licence


Trial NC Assist for 30 days

Star GB offer a 30-day free trial of NC Assist. Complete the form to register for your free trial and you will be emailed a download link.

For download and installation instructions please click here.

For more information or assistance installing or using NC Assist, email us at or call on 01332 864455.

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Supported Machines

10MM Machines

  • STAR SR-10J - F18i
  • STAR SR-10J - F32iB
  • 12MM Machines

  • STAR SA-12 - F18iTA
  • STAR SB-12RG - F0iTD
  • 16MM Machines

  • STAR SB-16D - F18iTB
  • STAR SB-16E - F18iTB
  • STAR SB-16IIE - F0iTD
  • 20MM Machines

  • STAR SB-20E - F0iTD
  • STAR SB-20RC - F0iTD
  • STAR SB-20RG - F0iTD
  • STAR SR-20J - F18iTB
  • STAR SR-20J - F31iB
  • STAR SR-20JIIA - F32iB
  • STAR SR-20JIIB - F32iB
  • STAR SR-20JN - F18iTB
  • STAR SR-20JN - F31iB
  • STAR SR-20RII - F18iTB
  • STAR SR-20RIII - F300isA
  • STAR SR-20RIVA - F31iB
  • STAR SR-20RIVB - F31iB
  • 32MM Machines

  • STAR SR-32J - F18iTB
  • STAR SR-32J - F32iB
  • STAR SR-32JIIA - F32iB
  • STAR SR-32JIIB - F32iB
  • STAR SR-32JN - F18iTB
  • STAR SR-32JN - F32iB
  • 38MM Machines

  • STAR SR-38A - F31iB
  • STAR SR-38B - F31iB